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Religious Web Templates

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Religious web templates – keeping the faith alive online!

On the first day God created light. Or so the Christian Genesis tells us. The text of the Bible is solid but the interpretations differ dramatically. Religion and politics were the topics traditionally avoided in educated small-talk in Britain, but now they have become an object of vivid discussion on numerous Internet forums and blogs. If you have your strong beliefs and opinions or represent some kind of religious movement it is a good idea to create a website about it. Nowadays you don`t have to be a web-designer to do it and still get a decent-looking result because professionally made web templates can help you out. Not a hand of God maybe, but certainly a helping hand in this case will be where you can buy the religious web templates that appeal to you (or comply with your beliefs in the best way).


Retro Web Templates

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Retro web templates – brown grungy paper and psychedelic colors!

Before proceeding to retro web templates proper let’s try and define what does retro mean in connection with web-design. Web sites that pretend to be old ragged and torn newspapers yellowed from the sands of time or those that pretend to be a vintage turntable underneath a tie-die era poster (the reason is unknown, but this particular pattern is highly popular among music producers) do exist. And if your sophisticated taste demands from you that your web page should look like a pin-up calendar your quest towards the ultimate website templates may lead you to that can easily offer you tons of retro web templates.


Flash Website Templates – When You Got Time on Your Hands

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Professional Simple Flash Website Templates are Available at

The basic web design principles are not really set in stone but when trying to define them we necessarily come of with a list of something that includes readable typefaces, short download time, uncomplicated navigation, neat layout and smart colours. But when the flash technology comes into the equation – forget all the abovementioned and start from a scratch – yes, you’re most likely to be scratching your head wondering what to do because when dealing with flash though technically speaking we still have a web-site in our hands, it is something else altogether.


Swish Website Templates

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Swish website templates – simple means great

When you are developing and designing web sites or maintaining one home page for your business or hobby then you know that it will only benefit from cross-platform abilities integrated into it. And if the sites you are dealing with are using flash then it is high time you paid your attention to the alternative – to swish website templates that were created by professionals to your advantage. The easiest and most reliable way to obtain swish website templates is to buy them at


Web Templates for Writers

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Web Templates for Writers with Insight

Imagine: you are sitting in a coffee-shop, a lap-top with a half-finished new novel safely stored on its hard drive is in front of you, your right is moving over the touch-pad and your left hand clutching a cup of hot strong espresso. You open the lap-top, connect to the Wi-Fi network and open the browser. So? Where to go now? Facebook? Linked-In? Wrong answer! Your homepage to check out the new flattering comments form your fans in the guest-book and new writing deals in the mailbox. A-wait a minute!.. What do you mean – you haven`t got a home-page?


Website Templates for Artists

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Website templates for artists of the modern age

In the cruel post-modern age we live in it is not enough to be just a master of oil, brush and canvas anymore. Actually even if your weapon of choice is as new-fangled and on the cyber-punk side of painting as a PC tablet (or one of them new toys for adults – iPads) this alone won’t suffice to make you a famous artist. Nowadays any artist who has talent and (or!) self-respect owns a web-page to present ones work online thus widening the circle of the possible buyers of their work from the local art-appreciation societies to wealthy people and art agents all over the globe.


Web 2.0 Templates

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Web 2.0 templates (for those who know what 2.0 actually IS)

Since the day when Tim O’Reilly introduced the Web 2.0 concept to the world there had been not too many changes in the Web itself. This shift that underwent in the whole Internet field was rather a change in a way of thinking than actual technology break-through. Being a “user-to-user” thing web 2.0 templates are something that used to be new and strange, but it is quite common and even expectable now. So when we speak about a web template using this kind of concept, prepare yourself o`brave developer to the fact that you are going to connect something, interconnect, embed, combine and wipe the whole damn thing clean off spammers afterwards.


Cheap Web Templates

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Cheap web templates – the ultimate guinea pigs in bulk

To learn how to fix something you’ve got to break it first, don’t you? Practice makes perfect, after all. So on the way to sharpening your skills in bug-hunting of somebody else’s code you need to make a few mistakes yourself.
Recall your childhood for a moment. The pure joy of taking some of your wind-up toys apart and the ultimate bliss of their consent to work after such experiments! When they actually refused to, you still had a reason to be glad – now there were no boundaries in the further research and with the determination of a Frontier biologist or French archeologist on the threshold of the Tutankhamen’s tomb you attacked the poor device brought on the altar of the childish curiosity with newfound strength. Well, don’t they say that adults are just like kids it’s just that their toys are more expensive?


Dynamic Web Template

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Dynamic web template or silence is golden

A natural consequence of the total and a bit wild and uncontrolled freedom of speech on the Web are those web pages that are no longer a making of one single author or a working team of authors. Using smart language – those are dynamic pages where the info can be edited, commented or updated by the users that are not the administrators or creators of the page. So when we speak about website templates for such cases then we should bear in mind that it is a thing a bit different from a usual template a web designer usually deals with. To define the terms more clearly – a DWT (common abbreviation for dynamic web template) is an HTML-based copy of a page that will be used by its visitors to modify it according to the function they would like to apply to it – for example add comments, links, photos, start discussions or join an already existent discussion. Still the main trick of a dynamic web template is in the fact that though visitors and users can modify the content they can not access all the regions on the page.


Website Templates for Business

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Website templates for business people

Those who work too much don’t have time to actually earn money, don’t you think? At least that’s how a famous saying goes. When your schedule is so busy you have to install a storage card with more capacity just to prevent the memory of your planner-PDA from overloading with the “things-to-do” then probably you need to get some burden off your shoulders. If you are a really modern business man or woman then the chances are you are doing a considerable part of your business online with the help of websites. And just a simple website template can save your time and earn you some money. An Internet store dummy is basically a website template for business and from this pre-made page you can create a powerful tool, which can improve the volume of your sales or attract customers with additional product preview options. Even if you are used to dealing with your clients through the E-bay, there are numerous templates for smarting up the pages of this monopolist Internet auction themselves.



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