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Joomla! Web Templates

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Joomla web templates – “connecting people”

Since a team of free-thinking web developers separated themselves from the Mambo project and created the Joomla! (a rough translation for this word from Swahili is “all together”) PHP and SQL oriented software the Net became still more user-friendly and now only minimal skill is needed from a user who would like to create his or her own website. Another good thing about it that it has only the minimal amount of modules upon installation and you can add the features you need later, one by one which allows you to create a workspace filled only with instruments you are really going to use and not to clutter it with the functions you don’t need, but which need additional system capacity and traffic.


Hair Salon Web Templates

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Hair salon web templates – beauty über alles

Hair Salon Website Templates

Being a minor temple of beauty itself a hair salon can`t afford to have a bleak text-only web site for web promotion. And of course it must have a website in the first place. If you want to promote your beauty business on the Net you need to understand that the requirements for an appearance of such a web site are the highest. So when your weapon of choice is scissors and nail polish or a mobile phone and a thick folder containing a business plan it is not the best idea to trade it all for web designer`s arsenal. Besides styling one`s hair is one thing but styling your own web site is quite different a task.


Web Page Template

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Web page template – the house that web designer built

If you want to increase your online presence by making your own website then in this quest you`ll need many skills. But what if web design is not the one you have mastered? Then you can resort to help of a web page template.


One Page Web Template

Friday, May 14th, 2010

One Page Web Template – single, not lonely

The times when single-page web sites were web designers` prerogative are far gone now. Today a site consisting of a single page is not just a showcase of style and the number of whimsy flash puzzles a trendy it-nerd can fit onto the title page (which is the only page, of course) – it is a way to present you to the world on the fly! As they say brevity is the soul of wit so let’s start right now.


Racing Web Templates, Racing Website Layouts

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Racing Web Templates – faster, stronger, flashier?

According to Johan Huizinga – a Dutch scientists and an author of a book “Homo Ludens” (“Playing Man”) competition is at the essence of our being and the need to play and compete is one of the basic needs. With the fruits of the modern civilization people got an opportunity to play a part of a game without actually participating in it – with the help of the TV. So when the season of Formula One or Derby starts a considerable number of people are glued to their TV screens watching those competitions of speed and stamina. But what is you missed a crucial game? Here the Internet is your helper and ultimate answer.


Beauty Web Templates

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Beauty web templates for the beautiful ladies

You can argue whether you can sell beauty or not, but there is one cold fact – beauty can be bought. Rhianna – a top pop star of the modern day claims that her beauty and fit shape costs at least one million dollars – and that`s just keeping her skin fresh and her body flawless with the help of personal fitness trainers and masseurs – the price of brand make-up and clothes is not included in this mind-blowing sum. And as it happens to be your common pop-star wannabe doesn`t have a million to spare on the looks on the winding path to stardom, but a sum of cash that will still be impressive could be the issue here. So if you own some kind of beauty salon it is high time you began your advertising campaign on the Net.


Green Web Templates

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Green web templates (no web-designers were harmed during the creation of this post!)

On the 24th of April people all over the world celebrated the Earth Day. We shall not discuss here whether it really does our planet any good – suffering a sudden watt-hour energy usage increase when all the electric systems are kick-started back into life after a highly-praised one-hour turn off. It’s better to dig for the roots of this whole event – the Earth Day. How did you find out about it. Right! The Internet.
Nowadays the Internet is the most global tool and audience for the anti-globalists and a wonderful eco-friendly invention for all the green people. Again, here we stumble upon the issue of electric energy consumption, but who cares since it preserves us tons and millions of tons of paper? Well since we have established that Internet is the best way to spread the information on ecology because we can resort to full colours without the help of toxic paint on non recycle-friendly glossy cardboard simply with the help of green web templates let`s get started, shall we?


Blogger Web Templates

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Blogger web templates – a spring cleaning for your blog

In previous centuries diaries have always been a part of human culture. But the paper wasn`t always available to everyone (an interesting fact – Italian company Arbos made a nice business on manufacturing tar paper made of oil-production leftovers which made that kind of paper cheap and since it is dark and gloomy-looking nowadays their notepads with pitch-black pages to be written on with yellow pencils are making a trendy goth accessory). Thankfully now we have to use neither tar nor paper – we can blog. Just as people of the past used to smarten up their diaries with ribbons and dried flowers now we have a wide range of tools to help us smarten up our blogs and blogger web templates is certainly one of such tools.


Searching for Webtemplate or Webtemplates?

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Webtemplate – O RLY?

Since spellcheckers had been introduced into our lives it might seem easier to make the correct spelling our strong side – but alas – the terminology we often use online often has nothing to do with the spelling those spellcheckers can recognize. It may seem weird but those computer smart machines usually fail at the computer terminology. So quoting one musician of the days far gone – “if you are looking for trouble – you done come to the right place” – if you are looking for a “webtemplate”, “lay out”, “adobe flesh player” or ever tried to register an account at “” instead of “” then this is the place for you.



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