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Halloween Web Templates

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Halloween web templates – trick or treat!

Very soon the houses will be decorated with faux spider webs and bats, Jack O`Lanterns will smile from each and every windowsill and the dark forces and evil spirits shall ramble the Earth. And the reason for this domesticated pandemonium is the coming of Halloween. This date, Celtic by its origin and originally called Samhain has long become a sort of family holiday, especially for kids, and a reason to have a hell of a party for all the grown-ups.


Photoshop Web Templates, Adobe Photoshop Website Layout Design

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Photoshop web templates – all the aces in your creative suite

Gone are the days when the covers of glossy fashion magazines physically consisted of layers of transparent film plus one image per layer. The times have changed but the layered principle hadn`t. Photoshop web templates is a highly output-efficient means for website creation. Most people are acquainted with the .PSD “Photoshop file” format that lies at the core of the kind of website template we are speaking about. But not many of them know that the program itself originated from a student program. The first incarnation of this powerful image-editing tool appeared as a way to display grayscale images on monochrome displays and would run on Mac only. Soon the program evolved and natural selection continued until it gained its modern functionality and looks.


Fanfiction Web Templates

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Fanfiction web templates – if youth but knew if age but could

Long, long time ago the masters of their craft had to pass a term of apprenticeship first. The same applied for the masters of word in general. But if in the past you had to dwell on plots created by renown writers and come up with the flesh of the storyline applied on the carcass the writer gave you nowadays things changed. But not that much – curiously enough many beginner writers take their first creative steps doing basically the same things. Dwelling on something that had been written earlier and by somebody else. This is not plagiarism because the events in somebody else`s fictional worlds can take a really unexpected turn, new characters may appear and the whole narration may be delivered in a style quite different form the original. This strange but nevertheless exciting freak of writing nature is fanfiction.

Holidays Web Templates

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Holidays web templates – digital scrapbooking of sorts

There is an old joke about an obvious age difference between the spouses which is determined by the fact that his school photos are all old black-and-whites and her are all digital. But how about a pack of your old school photographs as full-blown interactive flash site online instead of an old album? Or would you mind having such a site dedicated to any of the holidays that you`d have access to from any part of the world? Valentine`s Day in August or the day of your marriage everyday? Easy! Come to think of it – it is probably the only way to let your Grandma living in the other hemisphere browse through your summer holidays photo album without having her to come for a visit that`s gonna last as long as Fairy.


Premium Web Template

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Premium web template – learn to stand out

Have you ever wondered how many web sites are out there in the Internet? According to statistics the approximate number of web sites is 182 millions and rising constantly. So if you are an owner of a site especially when this web site is a matter of prestige for you it is high time you asked yourself how can you make your site stand out from these 182 millions at least in your field.



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