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Fanfiction Web Templates

Fanfiction web templates – if youth but knew if age but could

Long, long time ago the masters of their craft had to pass a term of apprenticeship first. The same applied for the masters of word in general. But if in the past you had to dwell on plots created by renown writers and come up with the flesh of the storyline applied on the carcass the writer gave you nowadays things changed. But not that much – curiously enough many beginner writers take their first creative steps doing basically the same things. Dwelling on something that had been written earlier and by somebody else. This is not plagiarism because the events in somebody else`s fictional worlds can take a really unexpected turn, new characters may appear and the whole narration may be delivered in a style quite different form the original. This strange but nevertheless exciting freak of writing nature is fanfiction.

It seemed like a good idea to talk about fanfiction because the whole world of wannabe-writers is nervously keeping the track of countdown until the 1st of November when NaNoWriMo takes its place. For those of you not acquainted with this acronym – it is a month of hard work, countless cups of coffee taken in or accidentally spilt on keyboards, writing blocks and nervous breakdowns. In brief it is an international Internet writing contest setting a high productivity plank for those daring to participate.

And it makes me recall the good old days when I used to follow the events of those contests. Majority of the participating authors who started out as fanfickers would rally tones of website templates to make their homepages presentable for being highlighted in their profiles. A special kind of fanficker chic particulier was a word-counting program hacked off the official NaNoWriMo site and embedded into the section of the site dedicated to the contest novel. Which is kind of funny now because fanfiction web templates and especially the templates available at are packed up with excellent quality flash counters and any additional counters (including those accounting the total number of unique users who visited your page to actually read the new chapter of the novel) can be added for extra fee. I mean – all writers strive to be unique and their style cognate so why the wild goose chase then? Isn`t it better to opt for any of buy-out available one-of-a-kind fanfiction web templates? Besides a part-time fanficker today you can become a full-time writer tomorrow, and a professionally created website is something worth investing in any time. And good luck to all of you, young writers because the path to greatness is bumpy, but the goal is worth it.

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