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Photoshop Web Templates

Photoshop web templates – all the aces in your creative suite

Gone are the days when the covers of glossy fashion magazines physically consisted of layers of transparent film plus one image per layer. The times have changed but the layered principle hadn`t. Photoshop web templates is a highly output-efficient means for website creation. Most people are acquainted with the .PSD “Photoshop file” format that lies at the core of the kind of website template we are speaking about. But not many of them know that the program itself originated from a student program. The first incarnation of this powerful image-editing tool appeared as a way to display grayscale images on monochrome displays and would run on Mac only. Soon the program evolved and natural selection continued until it gained its modern functionality and looks.

What exactly do you get when you purchase Photoshop web templates? You get to download a single .PSD file that you selected, created by professional designers. A great place to shop for the great single-file Photoshop website templates is certainly TemplateBeaver. Such single-file .PSD contains multiple layers that you can move around, edit, colour any colour and generally change anything you like (or rather don`t like) in there. After this the principles of “divide and conquer” come into play. For each page that you want to be present at your site you choose the necessary layers and headers, save them, cut the created images into pieces and morph with the html files of your site.

Such method saves you lots of time and effort because you can use any fancy fonts you want without a risk that they will turn into something ugly by default in other browsers or simply on the machines that don`t have your fancy font pre-installed. Also it is a great way to add some glossy candy-like looking buttons, goth-chic static fire effects or shiny hi-tech metal edges to the looks of your site without the fear that older machines just won`t cope with the flash décor. No flash here, just the honest images. Photoshop web templates also can serve as a basis or a failsafe backup for your flash site should you want to use this technology.

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